For complete introductory teaching, see here at Fun88 online casino in India News

For complete introductory teaching, see here at Fun88 online casino in India News

Can I make money from Texas Hold'em Poker? For complete introductory teaching, see here at Fun88 online casino in India News


To talk about the most classic poker games in Fun88 Casino, one must think of duel games such as Blackjack, Texas Hold'em, and Big Two. However, these tables are not based on luck, but must be able to analyze the situation. And know how to allocate chips and use the correct strategy. If you are not familiar with the rules and how to see the situation from the gaming table, it is tantamount to a lamb to be slaughtered. It is only a matter of time before you lose all your chips. online betting games


However, Texas Hold'em can bring unparalleled fun. Whether it is the nervousness of winning or losing, analyzing the cards and calculating chips, and competing with other Fun88 players, they are all attractive factors of Texas Hold'em. If you have the opportunity, it is still worth a try! Unlike slot machines, Texas Hold'em has a wide range of wins and losses. Even for small bet Fun88 games, hundreds or thousands of wins and losses are common in a round, and it is suitable for Fun88 players who can accept big risks. fun88


Fun88: Introductory teaching for novice players:

  1. 1. Fun88: The seat and role of Texas Hold'em
  2. 2. Fun88: The game steps of Texas Hold'em
  3. 3. Fun88: Actions players can choose
  4. 4. Fun88: The card type of Texas Hold'em

1. Fun88: The seat and role of Texas Hold'em

A table of Texas Hold’em poker consists of 2~8 Fun88 players (may be different in different Fun88 casinos). The sequence of Fun88 player actions and character rotations is clockwise. The character part will have a banker, a small blind, and a big blind in a clockwise order. Three key roles (in the case of a duel, the big and small blinds will take turns). Fun88

  • 【Bookmaker】
    English is Dealer Button, also known as button, with D as the mark, the second round will be the last player to act. ipl betting app

  • 【Small Blind】
    The English name is Small Blind, with SB as the mark, which is the starting position for licensing. At the beginning of the game, 0.5 units of chips are first unconditionally put into the prize pool. fun88 app

  • 【Big Blind】
    English is Big Blind, with BB as the mark. At the beginning of the game, unconditionally put 1 unit of chips into the prize pool first, and is the last player to act in the first round.

2. Fun88: The game steps of Texas Hold'em

  • Step 1. Shuffle and cut cards
  • Step 2. The player with the big/small blind places a bet
  • Step 3. Dealing cards, two cards per person
  • Step 4. Call for the first bet
  • Step 5. Deal three public cards
  • Step 6. The second call
  • Step 7. Deal the fourth public card
  • Step 8. The third call
  • Step 9. Issue the fifth public card
  • Step 10. The fourth call
  • Step 11. At the end of the game, the dealer moves to the next position clockwise (the small blind in this round will act as the dealer in the next round)

In the final stage of the Fun88 game, Fun88 players who are still on the field will have a duel. The combination of the public card and the two cards in the hand will show that the Fun88 player with the largest face wins the chips in the round.


3. Fun88: Actions players can choose

In each round, Fun88 players have the same actions to choose from, and player actions are also called betting.

  1. 1. Fold
    Some people say that it is to fold or fold, and choosing to fold is equivalent to exiting the game at the expense of the bet chips and waiting for the next Fun88 game.

  2. 2. Check
    Pass, Check cards. Everyone can choose to check in every round and no bet is called. If all the Fun88 players on the field have checked, the game will proceed to the next step.

  3. 3. Call
    Call, bet on a chip equivalent to the highest bet on the field.

  4. 4. Raise
    A bet is higher than the highest bet currently on the field.

  5. 5. Stud
    Also known as All-in, All-in, Push, betting on all your current chips.

4. Fun88: The card type of Texas Hold'em

The card types are from small to big: loose cards→one pair→two pairs→three→straight→flush→full house→four→straight flush→real flush.

  • 【Loose cards】
    No pair, Zitch, High Card, also known as high cards and miscellaneous cards, do not have any combination of cards, and the player with the largest hand wins.
  • [A pair]
    One pair consists of two cards with the same number.
  • [Two pairs]
    Two pair, consists of two pairs.

  • 【Three Articles】
    Four of a kind, consists of three cards of the same number.

  • 【Shunzi】
    Straight is composed of five consecutively numbered cards.

  • 【same color】
    Flush consists of five cards of the same suit but not consecutive numbers.

  • 【gourd】
    Full house consists of three + one pair.

  • 【Four Articles】
    Four of a kind, also known as the iron branch, consists of four cards of the same number + the largest of the cards.

  • 【Straight Flush】
    Straight Flush, five cards of the same suit and consecutive numbers.

  • 【Royal Flush】
    Royal Straight Flush, also known as Royal Straight Flush. It consists of 10, J, Q, K, and A in the same suit. If a big flush is drawn in the public card, it will be a tie, and the Fun88 players who have not folded will divide the chips evenly.

These are just the basic knowledge of Texas Hold'em. Knowing the rules is the first step. In the future, you will need to know how to allocate your chips and observe the betting patterns of other Fun88 players. The more information you can dig from the table, the better. The odds of winning. For Fun88 players who are new to Shenlai and Texas Hold'em who care about losing money, it is not recommended to start with Texas Hold'em. Even highly skilled Fun88 players may not be able to grasp the advantage in every game, let alone Newbies who are not so familiar with Texas Hold'em.


If you are not sure whether you have the ability to compete with other opponents at the poker table, you can first observe other people playing in spectator mode. I wish all Fun88 players can find their own days at the poker table!




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