Fun88 Baccarat veterans quickly win, gameplay, rules ~ decisive 21 points in India

Fun88 Baccarat veterans quickly win, gameplay, rules ~ decisive 21 points in India

Fun88 Baccarat veterans quickly win, gameplay, rules ~ decisive 21 points in India


Baccarat is one of the most popular Fun88 poker games in the world. Whether in casinos in Las Vegas or India, there are always many Fun88 players playing or watching on the baccarat table. In movies with gambling as the theme, baccarat is also a game that often appears in the plot. andar bahar online

If you want to experience the fun of Fun88 baccarat, you don't need to go to the casino yourself. Now you can play baccarat in the Fun88 Cricket Betting just by turning on your computer or mobile phone and connecting to the Internet! This article gathers all the information about baccarat, whether it’s basic baccarat teaching or explanations of game skills. If you are interested in this game, you can add it to your bookmark collection. There will be a lot of help! ipl betting app

What is Fun88 Baccarat?

Although we often see baccarat games appearing in Hong Kong movies, its origin is actually Italy. The original text of baccarat means "zero", which is derived from the Italian "baccarat" and its The rules of the game echo. onlinecricketbetting

The first written record of the game of baccarat was in the nineteenth century, when baccarat first appeared in American casinos, but rumors pointed out that baccarat was introduced to France from Italy as early as the fifteenth century. Whether it was invented by the Italians or the French is no longer elegant, but what is certain is that the baccarat game we are limited to playing is very different from the card games at the time. online cricket betting

When baccarat was popular in European countries, it was actually a gambling exclusively for the nobles, and the pockets were not deep enough to make it to the gambling table. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, in order to make baccarat more in line with gamblers’ favorites, casinos made some adjustments in the game structure to give gamblers more flexibility in the use of chips; The fever has not gone away until now, and it is listed as one of the must-play games when going to the casino. fun88 app

Introducing Fun88 Baccarat in the Cricket Betting

There are many different baccarat games in the Fun88 Cricket Betting. Fun88 members can choose to play in games hosted by live dealers or in electronic games that are automatically run by the game system. The biggest difference between the two is playing live baccarat. It feels like the dealer will deal you cards. In electronic baccarat, the system will automatically assign cards. In fact, the probability of the results of the two will not be much different. While playing Baccarat, players can also talk by typing in the chat window below. It is a kind of game fun to increase the interaction with beautiful croupiers or other Fun88 players.

  •  ◆ How to get to the Fun88 baccarat game room?
  • After thinking about the type of baccarat you want to play, you can click on the category on the casino homepage to enter the game area. Choosing a Fun88 game room is a very important thing. In addition to the different croupiers between different baccarat games, the open gameplay of each baccarat game brand is different, but as long as the gameplay is the same, the criteria for winning are different. And the jackpot multiple will be the same. Before entering the game room, you must choose a bonus limit (the range of betting chips) that suits you. These will affect the betting strategy we can apply to Baccarat. It is recommended that Fun88 players consider this issue before choosing to enter this game room. .
  • ◆ Configuration of the Fun88 baccarat game room
    1. 1. Live Dealer
    2.  The croupier means the dealer. Although we are playing baccarat on the Internet, we can watch the croupier deal with cards through live video and experience the feeling of sitting in a physical casino. If you choose electronic baccarat, there may be no dealers or it will be displayed in animation/pictures.
    3. 2. Brand boots
    4. It will be placed on the left hand side of the croupier (on the right as we see it). When the croupier distributes cards, it will draw one card at a time from the shoe and move it to a specific area close to the card table.
    5. 3. Opening area
    6. The opening area is the most important position of the baccarat game. It is mainly divided into two sides: PLAYER player and banker banker, and both sides will have positions where three cards can be placed.
    7. 4. Betting area
    8. Below the opening area, there will be a grid by grid area, which is written in the open game between the game and the odds of the game; after the bet is completed, the player's chips will be displayed in the gameplay of his bet.
    9. 5. Card opening screen
    10. The gaming system of the casino will show the cards on the poker table to the players in a clearer way. The croupier uses pushes when moving the cards. Before the cards are opened, there will be an action of stacking the cards through the sensors. The game system uses this to determine the content of the cards.
    11. 6. Player Chips
    12. Displayed at the bottom of the screen, there are different denominations of chips that allow players to choose how much to bet. After choosing the chips to bet, remember to press OK. If you accidentally make a mistake, you can press Cancel and start again. If you want to bet with the previous bet To bet the same chips, you can press the repeat button.
    13. 7. Way List
    14. The road bill is the opening record of the baccarat game, and the result of each game is recorded in the pattern of circles and diagonal lines.
    15. 8. System Settings
    16. In addition to adjusting the volume and other settings, you can also turn off the croupier screen. We can find the rule description in the game system, and we must read the rule description clearly before starting to play the game! The Fun88 player's personal game record will also be displayed in it, which will be a good reference for formulating or adjusting strategies.
  • ◆ Fun88 Baccarat game rules The rules of baccarat in Fun88 Cricket Betting are relatively simple, and may be a bit different from those played in physical casinos!
    1. 1. Change brand boots Baccarat uses eight decks of playing cards at a time as the card pile to be put into the shoe. Every time a new shoe is replaced, the dealer will draw a card after shuffling the cards, and the number on the card represents the card to be burned. The number of cards (assuming 3 is drawn, the first three cards will be used as discarded cards), and then insert a chapter sign at the end of the shoe. When the sign is drawn, a new shoe must be replaced.
    3. 2. Point calculation Baccarat's deck does not contain ghost cards, regardless of suit, where 10, J, Q, and K cards represent 0, and the others represent the original numbers. In the final game result, the player and the banker's cards will be added separately, and the mantissa of whichever is closest to 9 will win, and if both sides are the same, it will be a tie.

    4. For example:
        Player Banker
      Starting hand J of Spades, 6 of Diamonds Heart 6, Square 6
      Points 0+6=6 6+6=12
      Final points 6 2
      Game result Idle win
    6. 3. Game flow
    7. The croupier will issue four cards in the order of player, banker, player, and banker. After that, there will be about 30 seconds. The croupier will stop and wait for the player to place a bet. The croupier will open the card as soon as the stop betting time is reached. , And then according to the situation to make up the card. After the game result is released, the shuffle system will automatically execute the actions of distributing rewards, returning the betting chips for the idle/banker, and taking away the chips according to the content of the player's bet.
    9. 4. Outsourcing rules
    10.   Starting hand mantissa sum result
      Player 0、1、2、3、4、5 Outsourcing
      6、7 No out
      8、9 Natural winner
      Bookmaker 0、1、2 Outsourcing
      3 Make an out, but if the player makes an 8 out, it will not make an out
      4 Out card, but if the player out card is 0, 1, 8, or 9, it will not be out.
      5 Make up, but if the player makes 0, 1, 2, 3, 8, 9 then it will not make up
      6 Replacing cards, but if the player replacing cards are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, or 9, no replacing cards
      7 No out
      8、9 Natural winner
      1. ◆ Introduction to Fun88 Baccarat
      2. Understanding the different ways of playing is a very important part! Each Fun88 game of baccarat has different odds. If you want to increase the speed of earning points, it is more effective to challenge the game with high odds at the right time. The following editor will organize all you will have online entertainment for everyone. How to play in the casino:
      3. How to play baccarat Odds condition
        Classic gameplay
        Idle win 1:1 The mantissa of the final sum of points is greater than the dealer
        Zhuang Ying 1 : 0.95 The mantissa of the final sum of points is greater than that of the player
        Tie 1 : 8 The mantissa of the sum of the last points of the two players is the same
        Pair play
        Idle pair 1 : 11 The two cards the player gets at the beginning are the same number
        Zhuang pair The two cards obtained by the dealer at the beginning are the same number
        Any pair 1 : 5 One of the Zhuang and Xian families has a pair
        Perfect pair 1 : 25 There are pairs of the same number and color in one of Zhuang Xian's family
        Special play
        Big 1 : 0.5 At the end of the round, the player and the banker should make at least one card
        Small 1 : 1.5 At the end of the round, neither the player nor the banker made a draw.
        Idle card 2 : 7 The sum of the two cards the player gets at the beginning is 8 or 9 points
        Zhuang Li The sum of the two cards obtained by the dealer at the beginning is 8 or 9 points
        Lucky Six 1 : 12 The dealer won by 6 points without redrawing the cards
        1 : 20  
        Dragon treasure or how to play
        1 : 1 Player wins with regular cards
        In the round where the player wins, player points-banker points = 4
        1 : 2 In the round where the player wins, player points-banker points = 5
        1 : 3 In the round where the player wins, player points-banker points = 6
        1 : 5 In the round where the player wins, player points-banker points = 7
        1 : 10 In the round where the player wins, player points-banker points = 8
        1 : 30 In the round where the player wins, player points-banker points = 9
        Zhuang Longbao
        1 : 1 The dealer wins with a regular card
        In the round where the dealer wins, dealer points-player points = 4
        1 : 2 In the round where the dealer wins, dealer points-player points = 5
        1 : 3 In the round where the dealer wins, dealer points-player points = 6
        1 : 5 In the round where the dealer wins, dealer points-player points = 7
        1 : 10 In the round where the dealer wins, dealer points-player points = 8
        1 : 30 In the round where the dealer wins, dealer points-player points = 9

      5. There are many Fun88 baccarat players who love to play the "three treasures". The three treasures refer to the three methods of betting on "player pair, banker pair, and tie" at the same time. These games have 8 to 11 times the odds as long as one of them is played. Very profitable!
      7. Most of the Fun88 game games will have the so-called banker's rake, which is the commission to the casino, and the baccarat rake is set in the banker's winning game, so at the odds of 1:0.95, this is less. 0.5% is the profit margin of the dealer; and in the odds of the dealer winning 1:1 or 1:0.5, you can get double the bonus when you open the dealer win, but if the dealer wins the situation, the dealer finally If the number of points is 6, the winner will only get half of the bonus (that is, 1:0.5).
      9. Fun88 baccarat skills
        Every gaming game has some ways players try to improve the winning rate, and everyone has different opinions on the game, so there are many ideas about the concept of baccarat cracking techniques used. Find the Fun88 gameplay and match that you can most agree with. Having fun in your own way is the most important thing!
      11.  ◆Fun88 Baccarat to see the way
      12. Each baccarat table has a road list (as shown in the figure). The road list is a form that graphically records the game results. There are five blocks of bead road, big road, big eye road, small road, and Xiaoqiang road.
      14. The concept of watching road law is to analyze the future direction of the game from the current road list. Some people are accustomed to watching bead roads, some prefer big roads, some people think big eyes are more accurate... Each player’s habits are different. But is it useful to see how roads work? Players who think the way is effective will of course feel that "there is no effect because they can't read or understand", while another group of players believe that baccarat is a game with a relatively average probability, and each round is an independent event. In fact, they don’t affect each other, so it’s really a matter of opinion to see the effect of the road method on baccarat prediction.
      16.  ◆Fun88, Split gambling
      17. In order to pause the game in a timely manner, although you will need to forcefully interrupt the game, it can help you adjust your mentality, avoid the emotional impact of winning or losing, and give yourself time to think about how to use your chips. In the time when there is no betting, you can also observe how other players play the game, and see what and how much others bet, and sometimes it will give you some ideas on the game strategy.
        1. 1. Divided by the number of rounds
        2. Before starting the game, first think about how long you want to play today and how many rounds you want to play, and then divide the target rounds. Each time the interval unit of the number of rounds is full, pause for a while.
        4. For example:
        5. I want to play 50 rounds today, stop after every 5 rounds, and then pass a few rounds, think about whether to adjust the betting chips next, or observe the situation of the game.
        7. The number of games to be suspended can be adjusted. For example, in the example just now, if I have played 5 games and feel that it went smoothly, I can also choose to continue to play 5 games and then stop again. The key point is to stay sensible and always pay attention. Own balance.
        9. 2. Split by balance
        10. Remember your initial balance, set the stop loss point and the stop profit point, and you should stop when you reach the threshold. According to the situation of today's game play, evaluate whether to continue playing, or you can suspend betting or change to hypothetical betting. Participate in the game in the same way, feel that it is OK, adjust the threshold and then start betting.
        12. For example:
        13. I brought 5,000 into the market today, with a stop loss point of 2000 and a stop profit point of 7000. When my balance is 2000, I should stop and open the game record to see if there are any adjustments. If it is simply because of lack of luck. Okay, I will leave the field and fight another day. Conversely, if my balance increases to 7000, I can think about whether to continue playing, or play here today and leave the field to save the winning chips; I can also adjust the budget to 2000 (more wins) , In this situation, no matter whether the final balance is higher than 2000, I didn’t lose today.
      19.  ◆Fun88, Belighting method
      20. After entering the Fun88 game room, do not do anything. Observe the movements of other players, find the player with a high winning rate, and follow him with his betting chips. We will bet whatever he bets.
      22. If you see how a player bet and loses, you can also use him as a counter-indicator. Where he plays, he plays the other side, but this part only restricts the game of player wins or banker wins.
      24.  ◆Fun88, Chip strategy
      25. No matter which baccarat technique is used, the betting strategy is always the most direct way to affect how many chips you can have. Learning different betting methods can not only increase the fun, but also provide you with more flexibility in the game.
  1. 1. Flat injection method / equal injection method
  2. If you use the flat bet method, the bet amount for each round is the same; you can cooperate with the betting division method, and think about whether to change the betting chips of the flat bet every time the game is paused.
  4. 2. Martingale method / double deposit method
  5. Martingale method is commonly used in various game types. As long as you lose the betting chips, the next round is to multiply the chips lost in the previous round by twice the chips. If you still lose, you must lose this round. The dropped chip × 2 is used as the next bet chip... all the way to the round of the betting game (win to the chip). As long as there is no win in the previous round, the amount of chips previously lost is then × 2 as the chips for the next bet.
  7. To use the martingale strategy, in addition to calculating the possible cost before the game, you must also measure whether your budget can support this strategy. Many examples of failure are when the player is on a losing streak and it is too late to wait to win the loss. On the return round, there are no chips in hand to bet, so the Martingale strategy is more suitable for players with a sufficient budget.
  9. For example:
  10. Bet 500 in the first game and lost
  11. The second sentence bet 1000 and lost
  12. The third game bet 3000 and lost In the fourth round, bet 6000 and won!
  13. In the fifth round, bet 500 and won!
  14. In the sixth game, bet 500 and lost
  15. The seventh sentence bet 1000...
  17. The martingale strategy can effectively allow us to win back the chips we lost in the previous victory, so many people will use "double bet" as the strongest baccarat trick, because it can ensure that they do not Lose money. However, in addition to confirming that your budget is sufficient, you must also pay attention to the casino bonus setting. Remember to calculate if the bet chips have reached the maximum bonus limit, it will take a few wins to win back the previous losses.

Fun88, the conclusion

The Fun88 baccarat game in the Cricket Betting must be so popular. There must be reasons for it. Simple gameplay, no high skills, fast pace of the game, good control of winning or losing... etc. have all made baccarat be classified as " "The most intimate table game", if you haven't played Baccarat in the Cricket Betting yet, it shouldn't be too late. Choose a game room and start playing now!




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