How to succeed at Kabaddi betting – Fun88

How to succeed at Kabaddi betting – Fun88

Kabbadi betting: what to know before placing a bet at Fun88

Basic information about kabaddi bettingat Fun88


If you are an experience bettor you actually know that having as much information about the sport as possible helps you place the best bets on the right sport, team, etcetera. First, let’s understand what Kabaddi is about before getting into kabaddi betting at fun88 app.

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Originating in South Asia, kabaddi is also known as hu-tu-tu-tu-tu in western India, ha-do-do in eastern India and Bangladesh, chedu-gudu in southern India, gudu in Sri Lanka, and theechub in Thailand. As you can see, the names of this sport do not help to popularize it very much, but nowadays, kabaddi has turned popular in countries like India.


Even tough, it has been speculated that the game originated in prehistoric times, when the development of human reflexes was crucial for self-defense and hunting. The ancient Indian epic poem Mahabharata, in its account of the legendary battles of Kurukshetra, tells of a military operation-a raid condemned by Arjuna's son Abhimanyu on an enemy camp-that has been noted for its resemblance to kabaddi.


For many years, students of Indian gurukuls (Vedic schools run by gurus) used kabaddi for physical exercise. Although minor variations emerged, the main objective of the game of attacking enemy territory remained common. The basic rules of kabaddi were formalized in India in the early 20th century and published in 1923.


The game received international exposure when it was recognized by an Amravati-based sports organization at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin and was included as an event in the Indian Olympic Games held in Calcutta two years later.


In the early 21st century, the international competition usually involved seven players per team playing on a rectangular court, although other styles (such as "circular" kabaddi) remained popular in India and elsewhere. The first Kabaddi World Cup, held in Mumbai (Bombay) in 2004, hosted national teams from Asia, Europe and North America.


Kabaddi is a game in which players take turns crossing to the other side of the team, repeating "kabaddi, kabaddi" (or an alternate chant) trying to mark as many opponents as possible without getting caught or getting caught breathing before returning to your ground. A bit weird, isn't it?


Aim of kabaddi


The general objective of the game is simply to score more points than the opposing team within the allotted time. To do this, each team must try to score points by both attacking and defending. When attacking, the offensive team sends through an attacker to the opposition half who must touch one or more members of the opposition to score a point.


In defending, the objective is to capture the attacker by wrestling him to the ground or simply preventing him from returning to his own half when he can no longer hold his breath. Kabaddi is played with two teams consisting of twelve players each. However, only seven players per team are allowed on the field at any one time.


The Kabaddi playing surface measures 13m x 10m and is separated into two halves by a white line, one team occupies each half. It can be played on a wide range of surfaces, from a clay court to a pitch where the playing surface has been graded. Unlike many other sports, Kabaddi is a game that really doesn't need any special equipment, clothing or accessories, ensuring that it is a game that is open to everyone.

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Scoring: an important feature before kabaddi betting at Fun88 app

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Scoring at Kabaddi is relatively simple. Teams score one point for each opponent they take out of the game. Putting an opponent out (and thus scoring a point) is done in different ways. When attacking, this is done by the attacker touching members of the opposition, shutting them down. When defending, this is done by preventing the attacker from returning to his own half.


Bonus points are also available in Kabaddi. The attacker can earn a bonus point by successfully touching the bonus line in the opponent's half. Three bonus points are available to a team when all its opponents are declared out and one point is also available if any body part of a member of the opposing team goes out of bounds.


And how do we know if a team has won? The team with the most points is declared the winner at the end of the match. If finally, both teams have the same number of points, then the game is considered a draw.


Kabaddi Rules

  • ✦ Each team may have a maximum of 12 players and only 7 players will take the field at any given time. Due to the physical nature of Kabaddi, matches are classified into age and weight categories. There are six officials in charge of each Kabaddi match. Those in charge of enforcing the rules are a referee, a scorer, two assistants and two umpires.
  • ✦ The duration of the match is two 20-minute halves with a 5-minute break in the middle. At the start of a Kabaddi match, a coin is tossed, and the winner can choose whether to make the first raid or not. In the second half of the match, the team that did not make the first raid will start the second half with a raid.
  • ✦ To earn a point on a raid, the attacker must breathe and run to the opposition half and tag one or more members of the opposing team and then return to his own half of the court before inhaling again. To demonstrate that another breath has not been taken, the rider must continue to repeatedly shout the word "Kabaddi". If he fails to do so, even if only for a moment, the rider must return to his side of the court with no points and the opposing team will receive a point for a winning defensive play.
  • ✦ The defending team and the players must prevent the attackers from marking them and returning over the halfway line. In defense, a team can score a point by preventing the attacker from returning to his own field after marking him. Attackers can only be grabbed by their limbs or torso, not by their hair, clothing or anywhere else.
  • ✦ Each team takes turns attacking and defending. After the break, the two teams switch sides of the field and the team that defended the first half begins the second half with a raid. The game continues in this manner until time runs out, the team with the most points at the end of the game is declared the winner.

What is Pro Kabaddi


Pro Kabaddi is nothing but a professional league that has been running in India since 2014. Due to the 2006 Asian Games, the sport got a lot of impact and great sponsors who helped it to create this league.


When Pro Kabaddi is on, many bettors can bet on their favorite teams. If you are into kabaddi betting on these league’s teams, check out some useful tips you can apply when kabaddi betting, such as:


Put feelings away when betting at Fun88


Is this the big tip? Yes, we already know that no one bets on their favorite team. Obviously, we all have a favorite team, but when our money is on the line we try to rationalize. From not betting on our favorite team or athlete to completely setting aside preferences and feelings is a huge leap.


Kabaddi betting tips at Fun88: try them all


Getting out of your comfort zone is one of the best kabaddi betting tips we can give you. Perhaps for other kabaddi betting methods, the classic moneyline betting is very common, but opening to goal line betting, handicap betting or even strategies such as corner betting can be very beneficial.


But it is not only about opening the markets. Opening the fronts and trying out system bets, for example, based on strategies with multiple combined and/or single bets, can greatly improve your motivation and your enjoyment of betting at Fun88.


Don't expect to always do the same thing and make different outcomes, and above all don't expect to never change and never get bored. Have you heard about long term betting? They can be a great complement, especially to improve your motivation in following these competitions.


Always bet on the same conditions


It may seem silly, but it's not. Do you always study the same? Do you do not care when you work? Is your concentration always the same? In most people this is not the case. A tip that can work very well in your kabaddi betting is to identify the most lucid or productive moments to focus your bets on them. Obviously, always behind your personal obligations.


Do you identify that betting at Fun88 after lunch allows you to know what you are doing better? Is it best to bet first thing in the morning? The more similar your daily routine is, the more you can focus on making the right decisions.


The best kabaddi betting tip at Fun88: Review the results


This aspect is fundamental, and it is often one of those that receive the least attention. It is common to be guided by the feeling of "I'm winning or I'm losing", and this can be a big mistake. Keeping track of which markets or types of bets are performing best can make the difference between losing and winning money on your kabaddi betting at Fun88.


Kabaddi betting at fun88 login


Fun88 is one of the best bookies for kabaddi bettors in India due to Fun88 offers the best promotions, bonuses and benefits. Fun88 allows you bet on your favorite teams online. Moreover, at Fun88 you can bet on other sports such as football, cricket, tennis and many more. On the other hand, if you sign up at Fun88 you can start playing the best Fun88 casino online games ever seen. So, visit fun88 and start enjoying yourself for the best of Fun88!


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