What to know about IPL betting – Fun88

What to know about IPL betting – Fun88

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As with other sports, cricket has become a very popular market if talking about IPL betting at Fun88. The nature of the game itself, the rules of cricket, the many match formats that vary in length and the large number of cricket fans around the world have made it one of the major sports for bookmakers like fun88.

 How to understand online cricket betting

In the case of India, fun88 app is one of the online bookies that offers the best benefits in today’s market if you are into IPL betting. However, before IPL betting at Fun88 app, check out the required data to do your own predictions on match winners and many other events that can be bet on in a cricket match, both live and before it starts.


In addition, at the IPL betting level at fun88 login, cricket often produces big surprises. And this is something we must consider when it comes to betting and forecasting, since we can find extremely attractive odds at Fun88.  For example, the last World Cup 2019, the New Zealand National Cricket Team, beat a cricket giant like India, a country of more than 1300 million inhabitants who live cricket almost like a religion, and who have in their cricket team, with the best cricketer in the world, Virat Kohli.


What is cricket?


Before getting into Ipl betting, you must be clear about what cricket is. Cricket is a very interesting sport in the world of betting. A simple search of the type 'cricket results today' or 'cricket match today' will give us many results, and it is that every day countless cricket matches are played anywhere in the world.


In the case of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the greatest cricket tournaments where you can bet on the major teams that cricket market can offer. That’s why IPL betting is so popular in India and other countries. Other major events where you can bet on are the Australian Big Bash League or the NatWest T20 Blast League (England Cricket).

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But international cricket matches, such as Test Matches or One Day Internationals, are the ones that generate the most excitement among fans due to Cricket is an exciting sport that engages from the first moment. For example, the cricket results of England vs South Africa in the World Cup can be followed by hundreds of millions of viewers around the world.


What is the difference between cricket and baseball tournaments?


Although both are both bat and ball sports, and have some similar elements, the main differences come from their regulations and the type of bat used for each of these disciplines.


The bat used in the sport of cricket is thick and flat on the edge and is made of wood. The baseball bat, on the other hand, has the appearance of a stick, is thinner and rounder, and can be made of wood or metal.


As for the ball, the cricket ball is somewhat harder and heavier (less than a tennis ball), weighing between 156 and 163 grams, compared to 142-149 grams for a baseball. The balls of both sports are made of a mixture of cork and rubber but are clearly distinguishable by color. The cricket ball is white for ODI (One Day International) matches and red for Test matches.


While baseball balls are always white with red stitching. In baseball the spectators can keep the ball as a souvenir if they get their hands on it, while in cricket they are obliged to return it. In cricket matches there are 11 players per team, as opposed to 9 players in baseball. Scores in cricket are also clearly higher, and the maximum score per run in baseball is 4, compared to 6 in cricket.


The batting order in baseball is pre-established before the match, while this is not the case in cricket. The dimensions of the pitch (pitching and batting area) are also not identical in each of these 2 sports. The distance between pitcher and batter is 66 feet in cricket to 60 feet in baseball.


One of the key elements of cricket, the wicket, is not used in baseball. The wicket is a set of 3 upright sticks or stumps, and 2 cross sticks or bails, which the batsman must protect, while the bowler will try to collapse it thus eliminating the batsman.

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Finally, the height at which the ball reaches the batter implies that the system of protections varies slightly between the two sports. Thus, cricket batsmen use extra leg protection to protect themselves from low balls.


History of cricket


Although there is more than one version about the origin of cricket, most expert voices in the matter, assure that cricket was created in the Middle Ages by children in the area of Weald (southeast of England). The first reference to cricket practiced by adults dates back to 1611, the same year in which the term cricket appears in a dictionary, which defined cricket as 'a boys' game'. During the seventeenth century cricket spread through the villages of the area in what was called (village cricket), and representative teams from each county began to appear.


In the first half of the 18th century, cricket was already the leading sport in London and the southeast of England. From then on, and for almost 30 years, the focus of attention for cricket lovers was the 'Hambledon Cricket Club', created in 1750 and considered the 'cradle of cricket'.


In 1787, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) was founded. The MCC excelled since its foundation, not only in the organization of matches at its cricket ground, the Lord's Cricket Ground (from 1814 it moved to Saint John's Wood in the town of Westminster), considered 'the cathedral of cricket', but also in the elaboration of the amendment of the cricket rules in 1788, with respect to the original ones, which dated from 1744.


As for the expansion of the game of cricket in the world. In the 17th century cricket reached North America and in the 18th century other parts of the world, such as the West Indies, where the colonizers taught how to play cricket. Cricket came to India, via sailors of the 'British East India Company'.


Cricket also reached Australia as soon as its colonization took place in 1788, and already at the beginning of the 19th century it spread to New Zealand and South Africa. In 1909 the current International Cricket Council (ICC) was created, the main international cricket institution, which has 104 members from the five continents.


The first World Cricket Championship was held in 1975 in England. The team with the most victories is Australia, with 5 titles, followed by India and West Indies, with 2 titles each, while England, Sri Lanka and Pakistan have one world championship.




In the review of the best cricketers, we will make a distinction between the best current cricketers and the best historical cricketers. Among the best current cricketers we want to highlight above all Virat Kohli, considered a king in his country, India. To give us an idea of the impact of Virat Kohli in India, just to say that he has more than 105 million followers on Instagram.


Virat Kohli is considered the best batsman in the world and the biggest star of the sport today. Among his feats, he is the youngest to have reached the figure of 10,000 runs in an ODI (One Day International).


Steve Smith, despite having been suspended 1 year for 'ball tempering', in a Test Match against South Africa, in 2018, and from which he lost the captaincy of the Australian team, is considered one of the best batsmen in the active world.


Rashid Khan, at just 22 years of age, is being responsible for the rise of cricket in Afghanistan. He is a right-arm leg spinner. His records as a bowler in ODI matches were the best in 2017 and in 2018 he was No. 1 in T20 matches. He also holds the record of being the youngest captain in a Test match, at just 20 years of age.


Best ever 'cricketers'


Sir Don Bradman, Australian batsman of the early 20th century, is considered by many, to be the best batsman in history. His effectiveness in hitting the ball throughout his career was 99.94%. He also managed to score more times more than 100 runs (hundreds) than 50 runs (fifties). He also managed to surpass the 200-run mark 12 times and the 300-run mark twice.


Sachin Tendulkar, is a former Indian cricketer who spent 25 years at the elite level. He is the only batsman in history to surpass the 100-run mark more than 100 times. At the end of his career he had more than 30,000 runs to his credit.


Brian Lara is another exceptional batsman, a native of Trinidad, who in international commitments was part of the West Indies team. He holds the record since 1994 for the highest score in first-class cricket, with 501 runs, and since 2004, the record for the highest score in a Test Match (401 runs against England in St John's).


Finally, we want to include another of the best cricketers in the history of this sport, Imran Khan, who curiously is the current Prime Minister of his country, Pakistan. The peak of his sporting career was reached in 1982, when as a bowler he took 62 wickets in 9 Tests.


IPL betting at Fun88


If you live in India, one of the best bookies where you can do IPL betting is Fun88. At Fun88, you can enjoy many bonuses and promotions if you are into IPL betting or if you want to bet on other sports. You can do it at Fun88 by enjoying the best interface you can see.


Moreover, IPL betting online at Fun88 is easy and simple. Just sign up at Fun88 and start IPL betting here and now. And if you want to make it easier, download Fun88 App, available on iOS and Android. As you see, IPL betting at Fun88 has many advantages than you can imagine.


So, register at Fun88 and start enjoying the best of Fun88 App!


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