Improve your math skills when playing Blackjack! – Fun88

Improve your math skills when playing Blackjack! – Fun88

How to win at Blackjack by using your Math abilities – Fun88


Mathematics behind Blackjack – Fun88


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Believe or not, you can win at Blackjack with Mathematics at fun88 login or any other casino. Understanding probabilities, numbers and strategies can help you succeed in your next Blackjack  casino game, no matter if you are playing just for fun or in real cash games.


Blackjack can be played in land-based or Cricket Betting india as well, like Fun88. If you want to pay off when playing Blackjack, you must understand the basic rules and features about this Fun88 exciting game.


Blackjack is a French deck game for up to 7 players where players face the dealer. The aim is to add 21 with our cards or a higher value than the dealer's without going over the number. If we exceed 21 or add a value lower than the dealer's, we automatically lose our bet. Once the bets are placed, 2 visible cards are dealt to each player and only one to the dealer.


Players at Fun88 must decide based on their cards and the dealer's if they want to hit, stand, double their bet or split their hand into separate hands. All cards are worth the numerical value they have from 2 to 10, except the face cards which are worth 10, and the ace which can be worth 1 or 11 at our interest.


The payouts are made even, and we can add 21 with more than two cards, but it will only be considered blackjack when it is made with two, and it will be above any 21 added with more cards. The dealer can only hit or stand, and only hits when his hand is below 17, so if he reaches or exceeds that value he automatically stands, in case the dealer goes over 21 the players still at the table will win their bets and in case of a tie the player will get his bet back.


Blackjack at Fun88 can be played with one or more decks, being 6 decks in European Blackjack. American Blackjack has some differences in its rules that allow you to modify whether the dealer asks for a card or in which ways players can split their hand.


In addition, a second hole card is dealt after the players are dealt and can be consulted in case their first hole card gives them a chance to make blackjack (if they do add up to 21, the players lose their bet before they even play), it speeds up the game and decreases the house edge.


Blackjack actions at Fun88

  1. ★ Draw/Play: First, we can draw as long as our total does not exceed 21. Depending on the cards we will either draw another card or stand, but if we exceed 21 with the drawn card, we will lose the bet.

  2. ★ Double Bet: To double our bet we need a hand that adds up to 9, 10 or 11 and we can only do it at the beginning of the turn. In case you double your bet, you will only be able to receive one more card. Unlike in American Blackjack, we can double with any hand.

  3. ★ Split Cards: If our cards have the same value, we can split each card into two different hands to play them independently. For this, it is required to add a bet equal to the initial one. You must know that in a split hand, even if we add 21 with the next card, it will not be considered blackjack. After splitting, most casinos allow doubling down on the resulting new hands and this gives us a certain advantage. (Not allowing this increases the house edge by 0.12%).

  4. ★ Insurance Bet: If the card discovered by the dealer is an ace, we can bet on insurance if we feel that the dealer will get blackjack with the next card. If he finally succeeds, we will be rewarded.

  5. ★ Surrender: Surrender is only possible in American Blackjack and if the player surrenders, he will lose half of the bet.


Blackjack Prizes

  1. ★ 1 to 1 (one chip for each chip bet) if we beat the dealer.

  2. ★ 3 to 2 (three chips for every two chips wagered or one and a half chips for every chip wagered) if we beat the dealer with Blackjack (if there is no tie). In American Blackjack in Vegas, the payoff is 6 to 5.

  3. ★ 2 to 1 (two chips for each chip bet) if we win an insurance bet.

  4. ★ In the case of American Blackjack, it is also common that if the player has blackjack and the dealer has a visible Ace, he is offered the possibility of collecting the blackjack with a 2 to 1 (instead of the usual 3 to 2) as an alternative to the insurance bet.
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Possibilities at blackjack at Fun88

 Blackjack vs poker: which one is the best?

Before analyzing Fun88 blackjack mathematically, understand that a French deck has 52 cards: 4 of them are Ace, 16 of them are 10 or Figure, the remaining 32 ones are numbers from 2 to 9. Considering how the deck is formed, you can draw some conclusions:


Approximately one third of the cards have the value 10 (Which takes a fundamental role).


There are only 4 cards that are ace, so if we want to get a blackjack, we will need one of them, but what is the probability? The probability of getting blackjack would be the ways we have of getting 21 with two cards out of all the possible combinations of drawing two cards from the deck.


Or in other words, favorable cases among possible cases. To get 21 with two cards we need an ace and a 10, and in the deck, there are 4 aces and 16 10's (between figures and cards of value 10). On the other hand, all the combinations of drawing 2 cards, are combinations of 52 elements taken 2 by 2 (where the order does not matter and cannot be repeated), so the probability is:


4.16 / C52,2 which is equal to 64/1326 or what is the same 4.8% probability (which was logical since we know that to have blackjack we always need an ace and there are only 4 in the deck).


In case of playing with several decks, the same proportion of each figure or number is maintained, since it is the same 4 aces in 52 cards than 8 in 104. But the probabilities of obtaining a specific result vary slightly, since it is less influential to remove a card from a 104-card deck than from a 52-card deck. So, each game with different decks has its own probabilistic study.


Probabilities of going over 21 at Fun88 (or any other casino)


To calculate the probability of going over 21, we must calculate the probability of going over for any hand, and for that we need to go hand by hand. Let's imagine that our hand for example adds up to 12. As we ask for one more card these, we get all these cases:


As we see a priori there are 4 cases of 13 where we exceed 21. This is approximately a probability of 30%, which means that with a 12 only in 30% of the times we ask for card we will exceed 21.


The calculation of this probability is a simplification because we would really have to consider that the cards that make up the 12 vary slightly the probability of the card we have asked for, but the difference with this calculation is not very big and it is also much more complex to study and understand).


Probabilities of the dealer going over 21 at Fun88


As we have just seen, if we do not want to lose most of the time we must draw, if our hand is less than 14. The question is, if we limit our hand to 14, do we have a chance of winning? If we consider that the dealer always asks for a card up to 17 or more, standing with a value lower than 17 only makes you a winner when the dealer goes over.


In other words, if the dealer does not go over 21, your hand will always have a value equal to or greater than 17, so players who stand with a hand less than 17 will lose their bet at Fun88. According to the mathematical study carried out, the probabilities of the dealer to pass depending on the card he has (and his strategy) are the following:


For a high card the probability of folding is quite low, the ace being the card that offers the most advantages to the dealer. On the other hand, for a low card the probability is higher but note that in no case exceeds 50%.


If we make the average of all we conclude that the dealer passes in 28.35% of the times (368.67/13) which means that in 71.65% of the times that you stand with less than 17 you will lose your bet.


Advantage of the banker


If you notice the dealer always waits for the player to finish his move before proceeding to play himself. This means that if the player goes over 21, he loses his bet, regardless of what the dealer does.


So, if the dealer also goes over 21 it is still the player who loses, since he had already eliminated himself earlier. That makes the dealer win in a scenario that a priori is a tie, and this happens 7.9% of the times it is played. That is approximately 8% of advantage over the player that finally reduces to 5.6% if we consider that the blackjacks are paid 3 to 2 instead of the 2 to 1 equal. That is the main advantage of the casino.


To fight against this, the player has options that allow him to have a flexible strategy. He can fold when it is in his interest, open hands or surrender, and most importantly, he knows a dealer's card that will make him make decisions other than to call or stand.


In short


From the point of view of the numbers if there is a mathematical possibility of winning at blackjack at Fun88 so many people have won money, but it is not easy to execute, nor fast, much less cheap so it is probably not within your reach. In any case if you are going to play at Fun88 or any other casino:

  • ★ Learn and adapt the basic strategy first to improve your odds.

  • ★ Do not bet on tables with prizes lower than 3 to 2.

  • ★ Play at tables with the smallest possible number of decks and review very well the rules of the table.

  • ★ And if you are going to count cards, study how they are shuffled and test your strategy first before investing a large amount.

  • ★ The more decks, the more the house wins.

  • ★ The worse the rules, the more the house wins.

And the less strategy or knowledge you have, the faster and surer the house wins. Nowadays, blackjack online is available at Fun88. In addition, Fun88 offers many bonuses and promotions for all players that you will enjoy a lot. So, visit Fun88 and start enjoying the best casino games ever played and cricket bet and ipl betting online.


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