How to Win Poker Tournaments Poker Rules

How to Win Poker Tournaments Poker Rules

How to Win Poker Tournaments Poker Rules

Simple Tips That Can Make You Win Big Cash at Online Poker Games

Think like a businessman. Since Poker Rules Rules is a money game or rather chocolate Poker Rules chips game, you need to think like a business man or a banker. This refers to anticipating every move financially, and keeping a check on the best returns and lowest risk factor. After having thought like a businessman, now think like a bookie. Assume and presume the odds of the game and if the odds are favorable, you bet high. Be a bluff master, bluffing is a part and parcel of Poker Rules and you need to be good at it. Resist temptation, do not over react or overdo your bluffing techniques, use them tactically. Remember bluffs do not work anywhere and everywhere. There are certain situations where they are meant to be used. Analyze yourself. Do not strategize your game in an obvious manner that the others can easily get the pattern. Do not let the players know what you are thinking, what is your strategy.

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This is one of the secrets of how to win roulette. Unpredictability is the key. This will surely make your opponents waste time figuring out your next move or your behavior. Keep chasing them. Develop a sharp memory. Try memorizing your cards, which have already been played. This will increase your chances of winning. Do not play many hands, playing more doesn't mean winning more but it certainly can mean losing more. Do not play when you are drunk. This simply means you are about to throw off all your roulette chips. Alcohol is fine in the casino, but not in roulette. Remember it's no compulsion that you have to win when you have thrown some money in it and you cannot get it back by simply playing a hand all the way. Do not call at the end of a hand and oversee at another player's final bet. Try fooling the opponent by saying "I know you are about to win, but I have to keep you honest" - it'll be really interesting to see if the player really has the hand or not. Do not play when you are sad or in a bad mood. Do not play roulette to escape from depression or a bad day. This way you won't play your best.


Opponents may take advantage of this. Ignore the cards on the table; concentrate on what you have in hand. Do not pay a lot of attention to the other players; you may lose your focus. I notice that most players when short stacked in a roulette tournament lose their patience very quickly. Knowing what being short stacked is, and how to play with a small stack, can lead you to sneaking into, or after a rush, lead you into the money, when in fact you think you have already lost your chance. Short stacked is generally when you have less then 10% of the big blind. So if the big blind is 1000, having less then 10,000 in chips is considered being short stacked. Being patient, and waiting for a quality hand, instead of acting rash seeing that first ace, or a weak king, is one way to play.






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